Friday, May 15, 2009

Lights That Flash in the Evening: Show Photos of Eulogies, Great Northern, The Dears @ Black Cat (5-7-09)

It was a shame so few came out to see Eulogies, Great Northern, and The Dears last Thursday at Black Cat. But those of us who did got the good kind of brain tinnitus, that of super catchy music that kept ringing through the grey matter long after.

I knew nothing of The Dears, enjoyed the little bit I caught of Eulogies when I saw them at SXSW this year, but Great Northern is the one I've loved for months now. Their fab new release, Remind Me Where the Light Is, has been banging around my brain since I got it back in February, and I was thrilled I could finally catch them in a proper venue. Not that they weren't good at SXSW, they were; but, to me anyway, experiencing the dark and desperate passion that permeates "Remind Me" just fits more a club bathed in darkness than outdoors at 2:30 pm on a bright and sunny afternoon.


(This a projector cycling through what looked to be band family photos on the bass drum throughout their set. How cool is that?)

(Great Northern)

(This was about how much light there was the whole show. Great for mood, bad for photography)

(I love this shot. Solon Bixler was having a full throttle guitar solo meltdown, and this is him holding the body of this guitar against the speaker for more feedback.

(The Dears)

See the rest of the show photos here.

(For more on the show specifics, the talented William Alberque did a nice writeup of the show here.)

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