Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Oscars

I keep reading all this crap how last night's Oscars sucked and the winners were, in the words of one NY Post columnist, "all people in movies no one has ever seen, like has anyone even seen La Vie en Rose?" (He, apparently, has found the one rock in Manhattan to live under that isn't in proximity to a theater or prefers movies with Hillary Duff and definitely no subtitles. La Vie en Rose was great. There were a few issues with it, sure, but even if you didn't know anything about Edith Piaf, the movie was enjoyable.) I came in late to watching it but it wasn't any worse than any other year and frankly, it was better because all these folks won that you didn't expect. What I liked about it:

1. Folks won who weren't predicted to win. The air of suspense actually makes you want to watch the thing, and typically, those folks who win who weren't expected are all really emotional and sweet. See the duo from Once who beat out the 40 other songs from that movie Enchanted and Diablo Cody for Juno and especially, the two women who won for Freeheld (best documentary short subject) for examples.

2. Jon Stewart bringing out the woman from Once so she could give her speech. She got cut out altogether by the stupid orchestra and Jon Stewart brought her out after so she could speak. Kudos.

3. Javier Bardem's 4-button navy tux from Prada and his acceptance speech. He brought his mom, which was cute, and her reaction was touching (see the speech here. I gotta see that movie soon, he's supposed to be incredible in it.

4. Cormac McCarthy being first up out of his seat when No Country for Old Men won best picture. I like unscripted stuff, what can I say.
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