Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All I ever wanted was to be your spine...

After getting turned on to Travis Woods cool music blog, Web in Front, I got itchin to hear some Archers of Loaf. So I tinkered around on the Hype and found this great solo acoustic Eric Bachmann plus interview link. Amazing...I had to chuckle though, I'm 99% sure he no longer lives in the Triangle area, prolly hasn't in years, but he's still on Merge and has those specific and wonderful Triangle inflections in his voice when he says certain words.

Then there's Crooked Fingers...I was introduced to Crooked Fingers kind of late via the ReservoirSongs EP a couple years after it came out, then Dignity and Shame around the same time. Dear God, what a beautiful duo. "Reservoir Songs," consisting of 5 covers,(you've probably heard Prince's "When You Were Mine"), didn't leave my cd player for months. Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" just tears me up. It's a melancholy song to begin with, but Bachmann's voice with it, you feel in your bones how lonely a Sunday morning can be. That's an element I've always loved about him in Crooked Fingers, his voice always gets me in this odd in-between place of extremes where you feel both at the same time....heartbreak and your grandmother singing you to sleep, the sadness of losing of a friend and the tingle of meeting someone new, death and life, all at the same time.

Download:Sunday Morning Coming Down-Crooked Fingers.mp3

On the other hand, with Archers it was more like they, not Yo La Tengo, should have named an album I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass because the sort of energy in that statement is exactly what they sound like, but with really cool lyrics (Youre not the one who let me down/But thanks for offering,Its not a voice and Im not around/But thanks for picking it...)

So without for further ado...Icky Mettle
1. Web in Front
2. Last Word
3. Wrong
4. You and Me
5. Might
6. Hate Paste
7. Fat
8. Plumb Line
9. Learo, Youre A Hole
10. Sick File
11. Toast
12. Backwash
13. Slow Worm

Download:Icky Mettle-Archers of Loaf.zip

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