Friday, June 20, 2008

"Gasoline," Track 3 of the Airborne Toxic Event Acoustic Video Series Released

Ok, ok, it's even irritating to me that this makes a back-to-back posting about the same band, but this song off The Airborne Toxic Event's new record is probably my favorite.

You may recall my telling you awhile back about Airborne's acoustic song series, where they're doing an acoustic video version of each of the forthcoming record's tracks, in disc order, shot around the city of Los Angeles. This week is track three,"Gasoline," which was shot "on the back of a train in a train yard in downtown Los Angeles, on the East side of what is referred to as "the LA River." (Heh, here's my east coast ignorance, I thought LA only had lots and lots of cars.) At the SXSW show, they started the set with this song, and I was hooked from the cool bass line; the song just rocks. About "teenage sex" according to the band's songwriter Mikel Jollet, it's crafted typical to his style; that is, where the song is written so vividly and with such imagery, it plays like a 3:26 movie in your head. And it's a pretty good movie considering I read somewhere this was a quick-one-more-song-we-are-in-the-studio piece. Plus, it contains a line that goes "let's burn these sheets down to the seams," which I find just incredibly hot.

Last week's video was "Papillon," which you can see here.

(Airbone's first full length LP is out August 5th on the Majordomo label, and will be performing at, among other places this summer, the Monolith Festival in September.)

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