Monday, August 11, 2008

The Missing 5:05 to Westerberg's "49" Release Appears

So a few weeks back, Paul Westerberg released his first bit of music since roughly 2004, a 43:55 continuous stream of music clips, fade in/outs, and other assorted oddities entitled "49"(see our review here). Apparently, there was much discussion as to why the thing was titled "49" when there was only 43:55 minutes to it, and where was the remaining 5:05; me, I figured it was just Westerberg being Westerberg.

However, Heather over at I Am Fuel, You are Friends reports today that there really was a remaining 5:05 segment to "49" and it was released for purchase here on TuneCore for either $5.05 or $.99. The sound of "5:05" is reminiscent of Stereo/Mono tracks (Mono specifically) and as Heather states, includes Westerberg's curmudgeon self yelling expletives at the end. Once a punk, always a punk....

Heather also reports that the original download links that were everywhere like Itunes and here are no more. But if you happened to download "49," the photo below is the official back cover, which didn't get released in time for the launch of the download.

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