Friday, September 19, 2008

For Your Listening Pleasure: Silversun Pickups @ SXSW 2006

(Photo by Greg Perez)

If you've read Between Love & Like for awhile, you know that the whole Silver Lake, CA music scene and I fell deeply in love at SXSW last year via these guys. One group that has been reigned at the helm of that scene, regardless of what the author of a snotty review has to say is Silversun Pickups. (By the way Mr. Cohen, you could use an editor in addition to a fact checker as I think the word is flagship not flasgship.)

At the Monolith Festival in Denver, CO last weekend, I got the opportunity to catch the Pickups live, kind of rarity these days as they finish up their new record. You kids going to the Austin City Limits Festival next week, be sure to hit the AT&T Stage at 4:30 pm on Sunday, trust me. The Pickups and A Place to Bury Strangers were my two favorite shows of the two days and 60 bands who played at Monolith. (Look for my review and links to the 1000 photos by the end of this weekend.) Like I went out the next day and bought the Pickups' Carnavas for the drive back to Red Rocks, I was that impressed.

Thus, it was exciting to see this podcast from today's post over at Web in Front, a podcast of a Pickups' show from SXSW 2006. Knowing WIF's owner Travis, it's great quality, so take your lazy eyes on over to Web in Front for a download.

Check out my shots of the Pickups from the Monolith Festival here.

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