Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick-Like: Monolith Festival, Day 1

Ok, I'm bone tired but wanted to give you a glimpse of the Monolith Festival:

1. I took about 987685675675 pictures. I think I really like taking pictures.

2. If you ever come to Red Rocks, that whole mile above sea level thing really takes the wind out of you (literally) when walking anywhere uphill. That's no bull.

3. I met and became friendly with a consortium of cool fellow music writers like this guy, these folks, this gal, and this guy. Hey guys!

4. I wound up talking with Jon Fratelli, lead singer of the Fratellis, about how cool Worn Free shirts are (he was sporting the one I've been planning to buy).

5. Devotchka put on an incredible performance. No aerialist this time but she would have been frozen solid (Denver=damn cold at night).

6. Best show of the day? A Place to Bury Strangers out of Brooklyn. Their recorded stuff I listened to in advance I wasn't too thrilled by (sounded a tad too electronica-like for seeing live), but their live show, with the energy, intensity, and frantic pace was insanely good to watch. Remember what I said about a a passion for music? These guys have it and slap you around with it. (And there aren't any synths or computers involved, it's just them). Silversun Pickups ran a very close second.

More tomorrow! With pictures and such!

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