Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seen Your Video: The Waterboys' "A New England," "A Man is in Love," and "Fisherman's Blues"

I got the urge to listen to The Waterboys today because I'd seen Delta Spirit last night and the voice of DS's lead singer Matthew Vasquez reminded me a lot of The Waterboys' Mike Scott. I first discovered The Waterboys after finding The Best of the Waterboys: 81-90 used in high school. I promptly fell ass over tea kettle in love with "A New England," an interesting testament to Thatcher's 1980s England,"A Man is in Love," one of the prettiest love songs ever, and "Fisherman's Blues," which rocks a mean fiddle. Mike Scott may seriously need an updated hairdo but the man can still sing these three like no one else.

The first two were recorded at Pavilhão Municipal de Gaia in Portugal, 3/14/08, and the last, a late 80s appearance on "Tube UK."

"A New England"

"A Man is in Love"

"Fisherman's Blues"

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