Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shout Me Out: TV on the Radio "Dear Science" (Vinyl) and Poster Giveaway

“I like pop music,” Kyp Malone said in a telephone interview. “I also like the sound of a dying refrigerator. I can listen to that for an hour and a half if I’m in the mood.” (Read this rest of this really excellent piece on TV on the Radio and their new record, "Dear Science" here.)

TV on the Radio/myspace are funny, wicked smart, and a serious force to be reckoned with live. I caught them last week at the Monolith Festival, and was absolutely blown away, both by them and lead singer Tunde Adebimpe's amazing dance moves. I'm here to tell you their long awaited new record, Dear Science, in stores today, will be on everyone's best of lists for this year, you can count on it. So what better way to start giveaways here at Between Love and Like than with some goodies from this eloquent and fabulous band?

I am giving away a nifty vinyl copy of "Dear Science, as well as a poster that Tunde Adebimpe designed specifically for the record's release.

If you are interested in either, please leave the following in the comments:
* Which item you are interested in (vinyl or poster)
* How you discovered TV on the Radio

Contest ends Thursday.

A video for one of the first songs off the record, "Golden Age" is below. It's a song with a pop sound reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" and 70s David Bowie, coupled with funk undertones from that paisley place in Minneapolis. Where the dancing cops are from, however, that's anybody's guess...


Matt said...

I'm interested in the vinyl.

I guess I discovered TVotR like three or four years ago. Shortly after I started college, anyway. I was just eating up as much music as I could and they happened to get digestd.

matt at youaintnopicasso.com

Scout said...

I'm interested in the vinyl first, Poster second.

I discovered TV on the Radio at the start of 2004 when Desperate Youth came out. The video for Staring At the Sun was online and they played Last Call or some such late show soon after, which I saved on DVD and watched repeatedly afterwards until one of my professors lost the dvd. These guys were making music unlike anything I'd ever heard. I played The Wrong Way on an acoustic guitar for a black history month celebration.

Anonymous said...

I found out about TVOTR from a friend I used to work at a record store with.
I am interested in the vinyl. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I'm interested in the vinyl.

I heard about TVOTR in 2006 when people were going nuts over Return To Cookie Mountain in the music press.


Mariana said...

Hey, I'm interested in the vinyl first, poster second.

I heard TV on the Radio for the first time with a friend I used to be in love with. He came to my place one Saturday morning, put Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes on and we laid down on my red sofa, he on top of me, speechless and still through the whole record as I stared at the ceiling knowing that that would be the longer I'd ever hold him so close.
Since then TV on the Radio always sound as cozy and apocalyptic, as hopeless and warm as that bittersweet morning. I know this sounds made up, but it's true.

Scout said...

Forgot my email address in case you can't get it from my blogger account


Mariana said...

Who won this thing?

BetweenLoveandLike said...

Sorry for the delay folks. The TVOTR vinyl/poster contest winners are....

Vinyl: Mariana
Poster: Scout

Please email me your mailing addresses thanks!