Wednesday, September 24, 2008

World Class Fad: The Child Ballads Play NYC on Thursday

(Photo by Piper Ferguson)

The Child Ballads, a great little band out of DC, doesn't play live very much, so you kids in NYC would do well to head out to Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on Thursday for their 9 pm show. You may recall the name of TCB's lead singer/songwriter, Stewart Lupton, as the lead singer of that little group from the 90s who influenced, well, everyone called Jonathan Fire*Eater. Lupton's new band has a vastly different sound than JFE, more stripped down and folky (read my review of their EP here), but Lupton's still one of the most enigmatic frontman you'll see performing today. Plus, his song lyrics will make your IQ shoot up 50 points after just one listen and who couldn't use getting just a little bit smarter hmm?

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