Monday, October 6, 2008

The Trials of Being a BoSox Fan

Being a BoSox fan can be tough. If you've been around for awhile (I mean, longer than '04), you know to wait until that last out because you never know what will happen. Whereas with another team who had a 5-2 lead in the 8th inning you could probably safely go to bed confident of another win, you can't do that with the Sox. You don't make any assumptions until that last out.

I sat through all 5 hours, 18 minutes of last night's game. Mike Lowell should not have played. That diving catch that he missed as it sailed past third in one of the later innings, he'd have totally caught that if he'd been healthy. (But I was so hoping "Brows" knocked one out of the park in the later innings because what a bump in confidence would that have been?) Josh Beckett is really on when he's on (he gave up 5 walks throughout last year's postseason), and really off when he's off (that compared to the 4? 5? walks he gave up in last night's game). Would Manny have clinched the needed run? Probably. Is Papi seemingly lost without him? It does seem so. However, Jacoby Ellsbury, thank GOD we didn't trade him, he kicks serious ass. And Coco Crisp, booyah! The shite announcers kept saying, "Oh Crisp doesn't have a strong arm blahlbah" like every five seconds but it seemed to be pretty good last night. Pedroia and Youk, maybe Bay, I think they'll be the keys to tonight's game. And Jon Lester could be the this year's Beckett of yore.

So do I hate the Sox? Yes, I lose sleep because of them, I stress out because of them, I scare my dog yelling at the tv because of them. But who am I kidding, my name is Erica and I am a codependent with this baseball team because no matter what they do, no matter how crappy they play, I won't leave them. Not now, not ever. It's true love folks, and I know they can change. And I'll be staying up, watching, until that very last out.

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