Monday, December 8, 2008

BritPop By Way of Brooklyn: Locksley

Locksley is a name that may sound a bit foppish, but there's nothing foppish about this four-piece group from Brooklyn, NY. Named after the British village where Robin Hood supposedly originated, Locksley plays tough Britpop, garage rock under lovely Liverpudlian harmonies, and includes two brothers, Jordan and Jesse Laz. So it's no wonder they're not only opening for one of the original tough Britpoppers Ray Davies on his current solo tour, but also acting as Davies' backing band. No word at this time whether the Laz brothers resemble the Davies' brothers though...

We’re Locksley. We listen to just about any music we can. Our first album, Don’t Make Me Wait, has been compared to the music from the 60’s quite a bit, especially the Beatles, a generous compliment by any measure and not inaccurate in our initial aims. The sixties are definitely a jumping off point for us. Everyone needs a jumping off point and that’s ours, because we like good songs, songs that you can just sing while you’re walking around or showering or driving. Songs that you can sing along with, I guess is the point. But we also like music that’s a little bit fast and/or exciting which is why we love the Ramones and the Stooges and Richard Hell and The Strokes and The Rapture and Dr. Dre and Wham and Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson. So, there it is.

It's not all pop-goes-the-fuzzy guitars though for Locksley, there's definitely some other things happening there, so be sure you listen to more than one track.

She Does-Locksley
Why Can't I Be You-Locksley
All Over Again-Locksley

(Locksley and Ray Davies are playing the 930 Club here in DC this evening. Click here for remaining dates for this tour.)

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