Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Songs, Sun, and Lone Star Beer: SXSW 2009

Ah SXSW. Otherwise known as "Spring break for indie rock fans." Just returned late last night, exhausted and slightly sunburned, but as before, ever so glad to have gone.

Why does one go though it's becoming increasingly expensive, deprives you of sleep and nourishment, and has you drunk on a Thursday at noon? Because, friends, you get to see bands you may never discover otherwise (The Takeover UK, The Tender Box), bands that never play out much (The Wrens), and well known bands in the venues the size of your living room (The NY Dolls). And I didn't even make it to Metallica's show at Stubbs (the size of your backyard), or Devo, or Echo and the Bunnymen. Yes, you do see more than a share of bands that don't quite live up to their submitted mp3, or that submitted song is their only good one. But wading through those is utterly worth it when you find THE band that blows you away as a music lover, or as a photographer, getting to be close enough for beauty shots like these of The Hold Steady...

Saw a kabillion bands and shot at least 2,000 photos (the latter is not an exaggeration) so stay tuned, it's all coming..."You'll be high as hell and born again" indeed.

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