Monday, April 20, 2009

The Flaming Lips Cover Madonna's "Borderline"

I caught The Flaming Lips, for free even, at the Green Apple Festival on the National Nall yesterday. Held in honor of Earth Day, there were other artists like MOE, DJ Spooky, and some others I wouldn't see even for free (heh). But the Lips, for free, 4 blocks from my house? How on earth could I miss that?

I'll supply some more details when I finish up the photos and post them here, but until then...One of the songs they did in their hour set was a cover of Madonna's "Borderline," which is on a Warner Brothers album of covers called Covered: A Revolution in Sound, due out tomorrow. Lead singer Wayne Coyne said they wanted to cover Prince first, but Prince said no way. So Madonna was the next best thing for them.

It may not seem like much on video, but live, it made me wanna go buy this Warner Brothers album of covers, just for this song. Coyne's voice was never a strong one, but on this song, his voice and Lips backing really make it into something intricate and different. And yup, the ending rocks that hard live too.

Watch the video here.

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