Monday, April 6, 2009

From Me to You: The Hold Steady "Positive Rage" DVD/CD Giveaway

Recently the nice people at Vagrant Records sent me a copy of A Positive Rage, the new Hold Steady live CD/DVD from the "Boys and Girls in America" tour that comes out tomorrow. And I love it but I've decided to give it to one of my fair readers instead.

Call it paying back karma if you will...a very sweet woman I talked with for about 20 seconds on the plane to SXSW this year was the only reason I made it into the Rachel Ray day party (she and her friend gave me and my friend her badges as they left). The Rachel Ray day party is where I got to see and photograph The Hold Steady at a ridiculously close range (I was catching the sweat of bassist Galen Polivka. Bad thing? Hell no, I mean, have you seen the man? :)) And that ridiculously close range is what garnered me some of the best photographs I think I've ever taken.

I'll go more into the details of this show and the other show I saw/shot them at, the Quack Media day party at Red 7 with my forthcoming SXSW wrap ups, but the long and short of it? I see a lot of music, and saw a lot by this point since arriving in Austin. But The Hold Steady live reminded me that seeing music live can be, and should be, a joyous event. And that's a feeling I think you'll get with this DVD. "Rock and roll salvation coming to a city near you," indeed.

If you'd like to win this DVD, send us an email (here) and we'll pick one entry at random. Deadline will be this Friday, April 10...call it a celebration of the last fasting day of Lent (woot!)

"A Positive Rage" trailer

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