Friday, May 1, 2009

Memphis Musicians Starring in MTV's "$5 Cover," Debuts Today

Lucero will be starring in MTV's new show $5 Cover, which premieres today. The series, directed by "Hustle and Flow" writer-director, Craig Brewer captures the lives of Memphis musicians.

Part reality show, part indie cinema, "$5 Cover" will be aired on MTV and here. The main Web component of the series offers 15 digital episodes, each six or seven minutes long, only loosely chronological, that follow the romantic entanglements and career ups and downs of a group of Memphis musicians as they haunt bars, clubs and cafes. MTV will air a half-hour packaged version of three episodes each week during a five-week run on the network.

From the website:

All of the characters play themselves and perform their own music. Each episode builds to an exciting performance or recording session captured on location. The dialogue is improvised and the scenes come straight from the lives of artists and bands struggling to make a mark on their scene.

MTV five dollar cover Trailer (HD)

More detailed write up from the LA Times here

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