Thursday, May 21, 2009

World Class Fad: The Japanese Motors in NYC this Weekend

Looking for something to do Friday night? During SXSW this year, I caught a band called The Japanese Motors. Mixing a gritty Lower East Side NY sound into surf rock, their track "Single Fins and Safety Pins" caught my ears immediately. They're coming to the east coast Friday to play the "Tux with Chucks" shindig in NYC at Studio B in Brooklyn with The Crocodiles. The video for "Single Fins" is kinda cheesy (and would, frankly, turn me off if I'd not heard them before), so what I give you instead is the video below. It also includes a little background on the lead singer, Al Knost, who's a professional surfer off-stage. Knost is an energetic frontman, and what you'll notice is the way he moves on a surf board is very similar to the way he moves around onstage, super fluid. You'll definitely be moved to move during this live show.

For you kids on the west coast, the Motors are doing a Monday night residency at the Echo throughout July.

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