Thursday, July 2, 2009

News: NYC Club Getting Sued for Causing Damage to...the Bee Gees, Poison and Rage Against the Machine?

From today's NY Post. Suing for "public performance"? More like "highway robbery." I only learned this a little while back, if one plays cd's in a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, the owners need to pay a monthly fee, a fee which most restaurant owners I know refuse to pay primarily on principle. Yeesh, if they're going to sue a tiny place like Pianos for "publically performing" music without paying for it, maybe they could go after those awful warbling street musicians butchering "Every Rose Has its Thorn" next? Cause you know Brett Michaels, he has to pay for those bandannas and eyeliner to keep those Rock of Love babes interested, cmon now!

It's a triple bill you'll never see sharing the same stage: the Bee Gees, Poison and Rage Against the Machine.

But the disco legends, glam metal band and left-wing alternative rockers have teamed up to sue a Lower East Side club for playing their tunes without permission.

The Manhattan federal court suit accuses the Pianos club and owner Yoav Kipnes of causing "great and incalculable damage" through the alleged copyright infringement.

The suit, filed by the Broadcast Music Inc. licensing agency, claims the Ludlow Street hot spot allowed "Stayin' Alive," "Talk Dirty to Me" and "Bulls on Parade" to be "publicly performed" during March and June of last year without paying a required fee.

Pianos did not return a call seeking comment.

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