Friday, July 10, 2009

Seen Your Video: Glen Hansard (The Frames/Swell Season) and a Middle School Choir Cover the Pixies' "Gigantic"

I've been on a bit of a Pixies kick the past few days, when "Letter to Memphis" from Trompe le Monde somehow got itself lodged in my cerebral cortex and wouldn't leave. Usually the cure for this involves listening to the song a bunch. But I didn't have that track here at work, so I headed over to Youtube. And that would be fine except then I got listening to other Pixies tracks while I was there as they were just a click away, and the Pixies listening marathon was on till the break of dawn.

In all this clicking, I came across a really good, albeit sort of odd, cover of another great Pixies song, "Gigantic." The cover is done by Glen Hansard (of The Frames and that movie Once) and....an 8th grade choir in Milwaukee, WI. Kids have to have parents sign permission slips to attend Sex Ed classes in some schools; wonder if the same held true so they could sing a song about a woman asking a man of color to "have a ball" hmmm?

Give a Listen:
--Gigantic (live-Norfolk, VA (12/6/2004)-The Pixies
--Letter to Memphis (Live at the BBC, 1998)-The Pixies

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