Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Ode to Oration and its Loss

We're not known to spout politics here at BL&L but today, we feel it's essential to make an exception. Our country lost someone, and something, very important overnight. And besides, this isn’t really about politics. Although so many would like every conversation to be about ‘politics’, sometimes it has to just be about the way it is, and the way it should be...

After a long fight with brain cancer, Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away at age 77. Say what you want about the man, like him or dislike him, agree with his beliefs or don’t...but in this day and age, with the art of oratory so poorly displayed by so many, especially rampant amongst those whose job it is to use speech to inspire or change minds, hearts, and ideas, it was a pure joy to hear Ted Kennedy make a speech to the people.

Even just after surgery for his brain tumor, he left his sick bed to go up in front of the Democratic Convention last year to deliver what some of us couldn't give on our best day. Or go back to the eulogy he gave at his brother Bobby's funeral. He was a man who could, and would, speak to the people, no matter the condition, and make you believe.

A good speaker says the words clearly and effectively so as to be understood, but a great speaker makes the listener believe the words as well, believe they are coming from the depths of the speaker’s heart, or the speaker is somehow pulling them right from the listener’s own soul. This is what a great speaker can do. This is what Kennedy could do. This skill, some might say trait, along with his ability to effectively work with those in his own party as well as across the aisle, should be something those currently in power openly seek to emulate daily, not just when the moment best suits their needs, and bring the beliefs to fruition...make the words reality.

Whether you liked him or disliked him, agreed with his beliefs or not, it cannot be argued that our country lost a very special asset with the passing of Ted Kennedy.

"Some men see things as they are and say why. He dreamed things that never were and said why not."

Indeed; Why not? Words, a spirit, I’d like to see our current leaders serve...today...now...more than ever before...and dedicate their professional lives, as Ted Kennedy did, to answering that question and fulfilling those beliefs.

Rest in Peace Teddy. May your work here be done.

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