Friday, September 25, 2009

Seen Your Video: Yeah Yeah Yeah's Perform "Maps" Acoustic, With Strings in NYC

One of the acts I was especially bummed about missing at the recent Monolith Festival in Denver (thank you ever so much American Airlines) was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, simply because I so wanted to photograph Karen O. Not only does her face have an incredibly distinct and beautiful look but her wardrobe is so unique. Sometimes "unique" onstage garb is just another way to say "tacky," (I'm looking at you Lady GaGa). But Karen O's "unique" onstage garb is so creative and cool, and she wears it all with such, well, grace.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playing tonight to a sold out crowd at the 930 Club, and though I tried my hardest, little ol' BL&L wasn't "enough" it seems to score a photo pass. But those of you who are going, be prepared to be knocked out. Wednesday night at Radio City Music Hall, they played the amazing "Maps" acoustic and with a string section no less, with the sold out crowd singing along. Dunno if this is a one-off arrangement or you'll see it again tonight, but if so, I'm sure it will move you as much as it moved Karen O in NYC, it's beautiful.

Give a Listen: Maps (acoustic)-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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