Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Honor of Tonight's Gaslight Anthem Show @ the 930...

Gaslight Anthem is at the 930 tonight for the first time, I believe, and if what I hear is true, the live show that these NJ natives put on will blow DC's ears and minds with their rad rock sounds.

Lead singer Brian Fallon's voice and delivery have often been compared to NJ's more famous son. That sort of gravel-strewn bellow works for rock songs but not always on those that require a little softer touch; it definitely takes technique and style to let the tenderness come through in voices like those. Bruce does it beautifully and here, covering Leonard Cohen's epic "Hallelujah," Fallon proves he shares more with Bruce than hailing from the land of refinery towers.

(Gaslight Anthem's 930 Club show is sold out tonight. The rest of the dates for this leg of their '59 Sound tour can be seen here.)

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