Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spinner Streaming New Lifter Puller Re-Releases, New Oral History Book to Be Released

As we reported a few weeks back, Lifter Puller's whole catalog is being digitally rereleased, as well as Slips Backwards, a new release of various LP odds and ends. Out of print since 2006, the rereleases also include live tracks from shows at the 7th Street Entry and Triple Rock in Minneapolis, and the Black Cat, here in Washington, DC.

Given my love of The Hold Steady, it's great to hear its pre-cursor. The sound is still pure testosterone but with more of a punk rock sneer clad in Doc Martens. Not sure which record to start with? It just so happens that Spinner is running free steams of each one (see links below) for your listening pleasure.

Also released (or maybe about to be released? For the life of me I cannot find a drop date for this thing!) is Lifter Puller Vs. The End Of, a 96-page book containing photos, lyrics, and an oral history of the band (as well as a code to download the catalog! Woot!). The book was put together by the band with help from Jessica Hopper (Girls Guide To Rocking) and Minneapolis graphic designer Jason Miller. In it, you'll learn such fun facts like LP was on "The Jenny Jones Show" and the topic was "Good Strippers vs. Bad Strippers." Veery interesting. With stuff like that, I think Craig Finn was right with his comment that The Hold Steady is a great band, but Lifter Puller would probably be a better movie.

Give a Listen:
Prescription Sunglasses-Lifter Puller (from Slips Backward)
Math is Money (live at the Black Cat, 2000)-Lifter Puller (from Slips Backward)

--Slips Backwards - [New], STREAM
--Lifter Puller - [Original Release Date: 04.97], STREAM
--Half Dead And Dynamite (Deluxe Edition) - [Original Release Date: 10.97], STREAM
--The Entertainment And Arts EP (Deluxe Edition) - [Original Release Date: 09.98], STREAM
--Fiestas & Fiascos (Deluxe Edition) - [Original Release Date: 02.00], STREAM

Downloads of the each LP record are available at iTunes and Amazon. Want them a bit cheaper? Emusic is providing all tracks to be downloaded for the cost of just a few. Has everything but Lifter Puller but still quite a bargin!

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