Thursday, January 21, 2010

From the Completely Forgot to Post Department...Happy Hollows Rock Samsung

Isn't it great when you discover great things happening for great people?

A little while back, I was on the phone with the tv on, the sound low. A Samsung commercial came on...and I happened to look up right when it showed a girl flop down on a couch and start texting. I thought, "Wow that girl looks a lot like Sarah Negahdari from The Happy Hollows," which is a great Silver Lake band I've long followed. I literally stopped my conversation to pay attention to check and saw that it was indeed, The Happy Hollows rocking a Samsung commercial!

Because rock they do. If you ever ever ever get the chance to see the Hollows live, you must. As the band's lead singer, Negahdari does a stellar job of beckoning you in to their energetic whirlwind of a live show. She also puts to rest the misconception that girls can't kick ass as a band's front person or bewitch you with into paying attention with something other than sexual innuendo. She's got pipes, she can play, and she often wears rockin kneesocks....plus she's incredibly nice. That, plus the awesome combo of sounds by bass guitarist Charley Mahoney and drummer Chris Hernandez, will make you walk gleefully into The Happy Hollows whirlwind and love every minute you're there.

Read our review of The Hollows Red & The Black show here in 2008.

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