Monday, March 8, 2010

Henry Clay People Sign with TBD Records, Announce Full-Length Debut forJune Release

The music business is filled with all sorts of people and personalities, both good and bad, and sometimes it's the kindest ones who get left by the wayside. So when the kindest ones win, it's a major heart-warmer.

The Henry Clay People is a band filled with the latter, which makes you like them as people. And they're crazy good musicians with big guitar hooks and catchy melodies, which makes you love their music. And word came down today that they've found a label that loves it too.

TBD Records signed HCP and will be putting out their first full-length, Somewhere on the Golden Coast in early June. About the record the band said, "The idea was to track the record as live as possible onto tape, leaving that dirt under the fingernails kinda feel. So yeah, there is a good amount of dirt, but hopefully other stuff too."

Listen to one of the new ones, "Slow Burn," here, with more to follow they said.

Congrats guys...couldn't happen to anyone nicer.

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