Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Delta Spirit Release Video on the Making of History From Below

Delta Spirit's new record History From Below comes out 6/8 (Rounder), and many of the tracks I got to see first hand this year at their SXSW Dickies Day Party in March. There's a lot of power going on in this record, both of the immediate ["Bushwick Blues," "Golden State"] and the simmering ["White Table," "Ransom Man"] varieties. DS's previous release Ode to Sunshine was great, but History seems more mature somehow, both musically and lyrically; they really went a step above for sure. What's also great is that they put the song "Vivian" on History. A song about lead singer/guitarist Matt Vasquez's grandparents, I first saw this song back in 2008 when they played the Rock n Roll Hotel and was knocked clean off my feet by its emotion. Vasquez's turn of a phrase never ceases to wow me.

Stream a Listen:Vivian-Delta Spirit/Buy History from Below (out 6/8)
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They released a little video today about the making of History From Below. Produced by My Morning Jacket's keyboardist Bo Koster and Eli Thomson, it was recorded at Prairie Sun Studio C in Cotati, CA -- the same place Tom Waits has recorded almost exclusively since 1991.

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