Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three is the Magic Numb-a! We're Giving Away Three Copies The Hold Steady's Heaven is Whenever

Here's a poorly kept secret around here: we love The Hold Steady a whole bunch. Their newest record, Heaven is Whenever dropped yesterday and it's really good. And we want you to hear how good it is too, so we're giving away three copies!

Interested? Drop us an email here or leave us a comment below with the name of your favorite Hold Steady song, and we'll choose three people at random. Contest will end Tuesday, 5/11 at midnight, EST. Good luck!

Give a Listen: Touchless (HIW extra track)-The Hold Steady/Buy Heaven is Whenever


Chuck Murray said...

Your Little Hoodrat Friend, if for no other reason than this couplet:

I was waiting for my ride when I got jumped from behind, and I got punctured.

I got stopped by the cops, they found it in my socks and I got probed.

If the song has to be from HIW, then it's The Sweet Part of the City

Joe said...

I am currently reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac and found the line "boys and girls in america have such a sad time together." I was caught off guard, I didn't know there was that reference for Boys and Girls in America. But my favorite song is "How A Resurrection Really Feels" because of how it ties in religion to Holly's situation.

Erica said...

Thanks for everyone who submitted to this...The three winners of the Hold Steady's new record are:

-Joe Faile
-Dave Gaetano
-Lance Manion

Please email me your mailing addresses at betweenloveandlike@gmail.com so I can pass it along and get you your CD!