Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul McCartney Joins Ringo Starr Onstage Last Night at Radio City Music Hall

It's probably safe to say that if it weren't for The Beatles, many indie pop bands would not even exist. Ringo Starr celebrated his 70th birthday last night at Radio City Music Hall, but it was the audience who received a tremendous present when Paul McCartney was brought out to play a rousing rendition of the Beatles' song "Birthday" off of their 1968 record, The White Album. McCartney sounds better than he has in a really long time, letting loose with that incredible rock-n-roll yell that was so prominent in Beatles' songs. Pretty goose-bumply stuff for sure. Obviously the crowd was losing its mind as is evident by the bouncing video towards the end.

At one point, you see a guy with a video camera come around Ringo so one can only hope there will be a DVD out in the near future. History was made there as this was the first time the two had played the song since it was recorded 42 years ago.

This is almost definitely the first time Starr and McCartney has played 'Birthday' together since it was recorded for the White Album in 1968, as the Beatles had stopped performing live at that point. Curiously, a third person onstage during the proceedings who was on the original recording could have joined the duo and conceivably made it an even bigger reunion: Yoko Ono supplied backing vocals on the White Album track. (Source)

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