Monday, July 26, 2010

Kings of Leon Cancels Show Saturday Due to Pissed Off Pigeon

So the Kings of Leon played three songs at a St. Louis outdoor ampitheater on Saturday night, then walked off-stage because a pigeon pooped in the bass player's mouth. The show was cancelled and the band BLAMED THE VENUE. Did I mention the venue was an OUTDOOR AMPITHEATER??

Yeah, it's gross, I don't argue with that. But to blame the venue?? Cancel an entire show over it?? In the words of a friend, "What posers. There was a time rock stars welcomed poop in the mouth and would have killed that pigeon on stage! Sure it's gross, but act like a man...swish some Jack D in the mouth and move on."

The always-professional Postelles opened and also suffered some at the hands (butt?) of this upset pigeon, but they finished their set.

Maybe this pigeon is more of a classical music fan and this was a way of him saying, "Stop that loud racket??"

Grammy-winning U.S. rock band Kings of Leon cut short their concert last night in St. Louis after a pigeon dropping landed in bassist Jared Followill's mouth, the Riverfront Times reported today. The band walked off stage at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater after playing just three songs.

The house lights came on a few minutes later, and a venue employee announced that "due to concerns over the band's safety, we are canceling the show. Please file out in an orderly fashion."

Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill took to Twitter to respond to messages from fans upset at the cancellation. So sorry St. Louis. We had to bail,” he wrote, explaining that the show was stopped because a pigeon had defecated in Jared Followill’s mouth. “Too unsanitary to continue,” he added.

Later, he blamed the venue for the incident and apologized to fans who had traveled to see the band.

The bassist for opening band The Postelles was also hit with bird droppings during their performance, but they managed to finish their set. Concert promoters Livenation issued a statement shortly after the incident Friday night offering refunds on all tickets. (Source)

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