Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Springsteen Cover Fever Hits Vampire Weekend, Eddie Vedder This Weekend

Man, Bruce Springsteen's announcement of his wicked cool Darkness bonanza of goodies box set last week seems to have everyone excited and paying homage... On Saturday, Vampire Weekend played in Vancouver and covered "I'm Goin Down" from 1984's Born in the USA....

...and Eddie Vedder pulled out a long-favorited chestnut from Springsteen's backlog of treasures called "Open All Night" in Little Rock, Arkansas the same night. (Eddie are you wearing tap shoes, how you making those noises with your feet??)

Though written for 1982's Nebraska, "Open All Night" was one song Springsteen did here and there, performing it only 30 times since its inception (and probably a majority of these were during his mid-90s acoustic Ghost of Tom Joad shows). It started to make a big comeback with his 2006 Seegar Sessions band tour. (See here for more fun facts.)

As you can tell from the crowd response in this 9/1984 show in Philadelphia, PA it's always been a crowd favorite. And Springsteen always tells these long stories before it, so he must dig it too. Hey ho, rock n roll, deliver me from nowhere...

Give a Listen: Open All Night-Bruce Springsteen (The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 09/14/84)

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