Monday, August 23, 2010

Ting Ting's Release New Single from Upcoming Record

Earlier this year, we reported how those effervescent and electronic Britpoppers The Ting Tings were finally getting round to a follow up to 2008's We Started Nothing. Named for a massage parlour near their Berlin recording studio, Kunst was to be a summer release but has now become a fall one it seems. However, The Tings-squared did begin streaming the first single, "Hands" late last week. It doesn't make me want to listen on repeat like "That's Not My Name" did, but they do make some right-kicky stuff so fingers crossed the next single they release grabs me tighter.

"Hands" will be formally released on 10/11.

Give a Listen: Hands-The Ting Tings/Buy We Started Nothing

PS: It's sho nice to be back!

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