Friday, October 1, 2010

A Rainy Night in Central Park with Pavement

(Pavement @ Virgin FreeFest 2010, additional set photos here)

We reported about seeing Pavement in New York's Central Park during a thunder/lightning storm last week (read it here). My phone was all wonky for a few hour after as I tried to tweet the setlist during the downpour, so I'm shocked someone was able to get any video, but somehow, someone did. Sadly, there is only a minute's worth of "Stereo," a song which, for me, was the highlight (and the last one before they stopped the show due to the lightning). Of it, we said:
The song that had the entire audience pogoing in unison during the chorus and generally losing its collective mind? "Stereo" from Brighten the Corners. It was a white hot version too. Lead singer Stephen Malkmus literally ripped into it; I saw him look up, see the lightning streak across the sky and literally, with his entire body, rip that opening piece with a definite ferocity which kept up the whole song. Almost as if to say, "If this is the last song, it's gonna be badass."
A snippet of "Stereo." (You also get a feeling for how hard it was raining. They stopped the show right after this.)

The first song of the night, before the rain started, "In the Mouth A Desert":

"Trigger Cut/Unfair":

"Starlings on the Slipstream"/"Our Singer":

"Zurich is Strained" (includes one of their usual blown starts):

"Father to a Sister of a Thought":

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