Monday, February 21, 2011

Lights That Flash in the Evening: Tommy Stinson @ Iota, Arlington, VA (2-17-2011)

My piece on Tommy Stinson's Iota show last week went live today over at the WCP. I like the coziness of Iota but the lighting there is like shooting in a cave sometimes. Rather, a cave decorated for Christmas. I worked on them in post, but they're still too dark for my liking. You can see the full set of shots here.

One thing I couldn't put in the WCP piece was a set list from the show, so without further ado...

Moment Too Soon
Hey You
Turn It Up
Making of an Asshole
One Man Mutiny (new song I believe)
Without a View
Zero to Stupid
Stupid Us
It's a Drag
Makes Me Happy
Now We Come to Hide
Friday Night Is Killing Me
Cmon Get Happy (Partridge Family cover sung, no lie, standing on the Iota bar)

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