Friday, July 18, 2008

On the News Front: Eric Bachmann/Crooked Fingers and Ryan Adams

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I am a few days behind with this, but some interesting news bits on Eric Bachmann:

1. For you kids in the LA area, tickets are still available for Bachmann's solo show tonight at the Tangier for all of $12. (I'm green with envy btw...)

2. Bachmann's band, the very awesome Crooked Fingers has a new disc out October 7 called "Forfeit/Fortune," aaaannndd...he's putting it out himself, he didn't resign with Merge Records. He says:

...eventually decided to sell "Forfeit/Fortune" to retail, without a distribution partner. The pair connected with AJ Tobey, marketing manager for Flea Marketing, a promotion firm that specializes in indie retail.

"We decided to focus on a small handful of good indie record stores to get the project off the ground," Tobey says of the set, due Oct. 7. They initially selected 20 stores, based on past support of the band and the routing of an upcoming tour, but the number keeps growing. The record will also be sold at shows, through the Crooked Fingers Web site and via iTunes and other digital stores.

3. Nekko Case, Bachmann, and New Order? Hmm, this I gotta hear...
This is a very arranged, louder rock record, with lots of strings, horns and saxes," he says. Bachmann drafted tourmate Neko Case to duet with him on closer 'Your Control,' which he describes as "really different than her style. It almost sounds like New Order.

(Read our previous post on Bachmann and Crooked Fingers with good things to listen to here.)

(Photo via Harp Magazine)

Ryan Adams to publish a collection of prose sometime in 2009 (from today's Page Six, the NY Post:
EMO rocker Ryan Adams has more to say than can be conveyed in one of his crooning songs or in one of his lengthy missives to Gawker.com. Page Six hears Adams has signed with indie Brooklyn house Akashic Books to publish his still-untitled collection of prose. "They just signed the contract," said our source, "and they plan to release it in 2009." A rep for Adams confirmed the deal, but wouldn't comment on a working title or when it would hit the shelves.

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