Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Clash Bio to Come Out...Written By The Clash!

Holy sweet Jesus, how cool is this going to be??? I stumbled across the blurb below in a daily guilty pleasure, Page Six of the NY Post, and was just going to write on Topper Headon's comment. But when I dug further to find out who the "them" is in "written by them," I found that it's a true bio put out by Strummer, Jones, Simonon, and Headon that's out in the UK tomorrow, here in the States next month. Hope it's as cool as it sounds!

DRUMMER Topper Headon forgives the Clash for firing him at the height of the band's success. "I was out of control. I remember being sick on Buddy Holly's grave, which didn't go down too well. I was a Keith Moon fan - you know, 'Live fast, die young,' and I lost the plot completely," Headon says in the new book titled "The Clash" and written by them, due next month. "On the tour of the Far East, I was standing in a lift with Joe [Strummer] and he's saying: 'How can I sing all these antidrug songs with you stoned out of your head behind me?' " (NY Post)

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