Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Silversun Pickups Record, "Swoon," Released Early 2009

As the Silversun Pickups last release, Carnavas, has not stopped playing on my Ipod since picking it up after seeing their show at the Monolith Festival a few weeks back, I'm thrilled to read that the Pickups have announced that their follow up will be titled "Swoon" and out in early 2009.

Silversun Pickups is currently tucked away in a Los Angeles studio working hard on the follow up to Carnavas, titled Swoon and scheduled for release in early 2009. Dave Cooley, the man behind the soundboard for Carnavas, was once again the chosen one to produce. Silversun Pickups frontman Brian Aubert on the reunion: “He’s a stronger producer now because of the records he’s done since we worked with him on Carnavas. And as far as experimenting with sounds and everything, he’s just as great as ever.” (source)

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