Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two More Releases from Westerberg

Paul Westerberg, you just can't ever guess what he'll do these days...after a 4-year quiet, he releases a 43:55 mish-mash mashup of long and short song snippets called "49:00" in late July (our review on it here), then a week or so later came 5:05 in early August, which contrary to initial belief was not the remaining time from "49" but something new altogether.

Now, a couple weeks after that come two more MP3s called "Finally Here Once" and "3oclockreep." Info sent to me on it is as follows:

The two MP3s are "Finally Here Once", which is one song, and
"3oclockreep", which is 20 minutes long and includes lots of overlapping stuff and a couple of distinct songs. It also includes an outtake from the sessions with Tom Waits that produced "Date To Church"**. Said outtake includes Tommy, Paul and Tom Waits trying to figure out the words to "if Only You Were Lonely" and Tom Waits doing some of "We Know The Night". That must have been some night!

Downloading both tracks will cost you $3.99. If for some reason you only want to buy one of the tracks, you can get them individually as well ("3oclockreep" for $3.00 and "Finally Here Once" for $0.99).

"3oclockreep" (Approx. song title/length):
01 Tell 'Em All, Go to Hell 2:49
02 Mash of Outtakes 0:44
03 It's Ridiculous, Everybody Wants to Be Famous 2:53
04 Only Excuse Is 2:15
05 You're Still Mine 1:05
06 If Only You Were Lonely [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 1:00
07 Studio Ramblings [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 1:15
08 We Know the Night [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 3:06
09 Lowdown Monkey Blues [Mats in Studio with Tom Waits] 5:08

**If you don't know "Date To Church", it was previously released on a Sire CD sampler called "Just Say Mao" in 1989, part of their "Just Say Yes" series. And it will be included on the upcoming Sire reissue of "Don't Tell A Soul" (out next month!).

(Editor's note: It was also included on a great bootleg of various 'Mats tracks called Beat Girl that while expensive, is worth every. single. penny. Highly recommended.)

You'd do well to get them sooner than later as "49" and "5:05" were only available for a very short time then poof!, they were gone like a cold beer on a hot day. Both tracks can be purchased here.

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