Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eels Have Free EP Available for Download Through Today

I first discovered Mark Everett and his band, Eels while watching some really crappy movie about Los Angeles a million years ago. The song "Beautiful Freak" was at the end, one that is really beautiful and utterly haunting. It took a lot of squinting because the tape quality wasn't great, but man, was it worth it. Everett's songwriting is touching, personal, and poignant, and it's a band that's definitely become a favorite of mine.

Eels have a free EP that's available for download through today, put out in conjuction with a limited edition deluxe vinyl release of Eels latest, Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. If you've not heard this band yet, go take a listen...

To celebrate the release of the BLINKING LIGHTS AND OTHER REVELATIONS 4 LP deluxe vinyl limited edition the band is giving away a 4 song EP download for one week, starting right now. The deluxe BLINKING LIGHTS package includes 3 LPs of the critically acclaimed album on vinyl for the first time with a fourth disc that is an exclusive 17 track live album, MANCHESTER 2005, recorded shortly after the release of BLINKING LIGHTS. The signed edition is limited to only 2,500 copies and will be sold in order of lowest cover numbers first, 0001 - 2500.

The free EP download contains 4 songs from the exclusive MANCHESTER 2005 album, which is only available on vinyl as part of the BLINKING LIGHTS deluxe edition, but you can download the EP regardless of ordering the BLINKING LIGHTS deluxe edition. Anyone who wants the EP can have it! Simply enter a valid email address and follow the link from the email for easy download. The MP3s will play on any iPod, MP3 player or computer. Download the free EELS MANCHESTER 2005 EP now until Tues, Oct 28 and/or order the limited deluxe signed BLINKING LIGHTS vinyl box set HERE.

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