Friday, March 6, 2009

Seen Your Video: Henry Clay People's "Something in the Water"

Two of Silverlake's best bands, The Henry Clay People and The Airborne Toxic Event are playing here at the Black Cat next Thursday (3/12, purchase tickets). Now Airborne is a a band we've long loved and raved about here because, well, they're great. If you don't agree with this statement then you must have only heard them but not seen them live; trust me when I say if you see them live, you'll be blown away.

And it was through them that we got turned on to the fab Silverlake music scene that includes HCP. A slam-bang barrage of youthful energy and insightful lyrics (check out "You Can Be Timeless" and "Half-Asleep" for more on this), HCP live shows are legendary for their temerity and rollicking mayhem. If you are anti-fun, you should probably avoid this show at all costs.

The Black Cat had them scheduled for the Backstage but moved them to the main stage recently, which means they know this show will be a draw. Having sold out shows before the tour even started in the northeast and Canada, I'd buy your tickets sooner than later kids.

In the meantime, check out this damn catchy HCP song, "Something in the Water." Something about the great organ/piano with snare drum/cymbal riff that's all sorts of addicting...

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J. Neas said...

Hey! I'll be seeing them the next night down here in Chapel Hill. I'm very stoked.