Monday, May 11, 2009

New Wrens Mp3...Of Sorts

If you're kind of a music dork (or a full on one as I am), you probably have a top-5 list of your favorite bands of all time. Had I ever written mine down, I could have laminated it, that's how often it changed. But then I discovered The Wrens this year at SXSW, and some shuffling had to occur as they blew me completely away. Do a Google search to learn more about the in's and out's of their career trajectory, but for a few reasons, The Wrens have really not released anything since 2003 with the mindblowingly good record, The Meadowlands.

As there are substantive rumors that 2009 will finally be the year they finally release a new record, Magnet magazine has been doing a "Wrens Watch" since January with assorted updates and a mp3 or two of new song demos. Today, they posted a new one entitled 'Z'.

My thoughts? While I'm happy to see something, anything new from them (let's just say if my copy of "Meadowlands" was an LP I'd have warped it by now from playing it so much), this "Z" is like 1:34 of instant mashed potatoes-sure I'll eat them if offered, cause mashed potatoes are not something I let myself often eat. But I can assure you the whole time I'm thinking, "Man, I like the fact I'm getting to have these mashed potatoes, but I so wish I had the real stuff with all the butter and cream." Instant mashed potatoes look like the real stuff but they just lack, which is sorta what I feel about this track. So guys, we've waited this long, why not wait until you can put out the real stuff with all butter and heavy cream, ok?

Give a Listen: Z-The Wrens

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