Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here Comes Your Tour: Pixies Doing US "Doolittle" Tour This Fall

Where I grew up in upstate NY, it wasn't exactly a mecca for different types of music on radio stations; you got REO Speedwagon, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin for the most part. It hadn't improved much when I went away to undergrad; there was the great WEQX out of Vermont, but that was only accessible if you held the radio antenna at a 90 degree angle and stood on a box when the moon was in its 3rd house. There was, however, a great fraternity downtown that was comprised of the artier kids (at an engineering school this meant the future architects). They always played music that was way off the beaten path, and through them, I discovered great music from the likes of Front 242, Billy Bragg, and The Pixies, so Doolittle became a seminal record for me. It could be said that all of my musical loves thereafter and today are only six degrees of separation from that record (well, that and the entire Replacements catalog of course).

Thus, it was super cool to hear that The Pixies will be doing a North American tour playing Doolittle in its entirety after its European leg is finished (see those dates below). No dates have been set yet, however, Boston's Wang Center seems to be a definite (per Frank Black to Spin.com). US tour dates will be announced after they wrap up in Europe.

Doolittle Tour-Europe
1-2 Dublin, Ireland @ Olympia
4 Glasgow, Scotland @ Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre
6-9 London, England @ O2 Academy Brixton
11 Frankfurt, Germany @ Jahrhunderhalle
13 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Heineken Music Hall
14 Brussels, Belgium @ Forest National
15 Paris, France @ Le Zenith

Give a Listen:La La Love You (live: Los Angeles, CA, 6/2/05)-The Pixies

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