Wednesday, July 15, 2009

McCartney Imitating Beatles Rooftop Concert for Letterman Appearance

Paul McCartney is playing the David Letterman show this evening and it seems he will be playing atop the Ed Sullivan Theater, much like the famous Beatles performance atop Abbey Road Studios oh so long ago. Received this from a friend a little while ago:

McCartney is setting up on Letterman's roof...soundcheck soon...dunno if i can get there, they closed streets off just setting up i guess. Tapes at 5:30

So if you're in the area, could be worth a trip over to Broadway and 53rd for a look!

Update (4:22 pm)
So since I work like 12 blocks away, figured I'd go take a walk over to the Letterman studios...when I got there, maybe 500 people on sidewalk in the penned off pit.

When I left probably about 1,000...still plenty of time for people to get there! ;-)

I stayed for 40 minutes, he started right when I got there, unfrotunately they have a black curtain surounding them, but he kept poking his head out waiving too the crowd, etc. Most was only monitor, but they turned on the Pa's here and there, and it still sounds better than a Bruce show.

Not the biggest Beatles fan (no!)

But spoiler for what he rehearsed when I was there:

Some new song I guess, didn't know
Comin' up (quite good)
Get Back (also quite good)
Another newer song, I liked this, chorus has uh ohh uh ohs
Eleanor Rigby (2x's)

Figured at that point my 2 hour lunch hour was enough.

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