Thursday, April 29, 2010

Punk Rock, Now With More...Glee?

I'm a fan of creative and innovative takes on music. Do some approaches just baffle me, like "How on earth did they come up with that choice?" Indeed. an 8th grade choir covering a song about fellatio for instance. Or a glee club covering a punk song like Fugazi's "Waiting Room."

Blue Ribbon Glee Club out of Chicago, are a "punk rock glee club" and they cover stuff like Fugazi, The Pixies, T. Rex, and others. That's right kids, you can buy a Ramones shirt at Urban Outfitters and punk has now gone glee. Of the two, I definitely prefer the latter.

Blue Ribbon Glee Club Covering Fugazi

Fugazi Doing Fugazi

Fugazi as a Remix

1 comment:

Travis said...

Look, I'm as enthusiastic a supporter of the remixing and reinterpretation of art as there is, but...

This is an utter and complete abomination, and the Blue Ribboon Glee Club must be destroyed for this transgression.

That is all.