Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SXSW 2011-Day 1 (3-16-2011)

Another year, another SXSW Music survived. It's crazy, it's five days of no sleep and eating on the run. But then you see that new band that knocks your socks off, or start chatting with that established musician whose music you've always loved on the street as you race from one venue to another, and no matter how tired you are, you know you're coming back next year.

Carrie Brownstein of Wild Flag @ NPR' Day Party @ The Parish

This year, I also covered acts from Washington, DC for the Washington City Paper, which you can read here. Wild Flag, a girl-super group of Mary Timony, Sleater-Kinney and Helium was tremendous. They may very well rank as my favorite act during SX. Other locals were These United States, Ted Leo, and the Bad Brains. I think the Nikon and I survived that madness by the grace of God and the 6'5 guy who stood behind me the whole time.

H.R. of Bad Brains @ Emo's Main Room

I'd never seen the Brains live before but I had a feeling it would be mayhem. What was really interesting though was watching while the crowd went insane, the band just stood there calm and collected-no leaping about for H.R. And he bowed to everyone, including the audience, after every song. Complete serenity in the midst of chaos. It was amazing to witness.

Other bands I caught Day 1 included Hayes Carll, The Tender Box, Duran Duran, and Fake Problems.

Hayes Carll @ American Songwriter's Day Party

The Tender Box @ Rusty Spurs

Duran Duran @ Stubbs

Fake Problems @ Dirty Dog Bar

(See the rest of the photos from each set here)

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