Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poly Styrene Passes from Cancer, Age 53

Cancer took another musician this week...Poly Styrene, who fronted the pioneering punk band, X-Ray Spex passed away today from spinal and breast cancer today at age 53. Many of today's indie babes, such as Karen O and Beth Ditto cited Styrene's persona as their big inspiration. All of 19 when X-Ray Spex started, Styrene and her braces were game-changing in terms of how a front woman needed to look and act. Awhile back, one of her nurses said, "Get back out there! Don't let Kylie Minogue take over!". So she put out Generation Indigo, which, ironically, came out today in the U.S., promoting it from her hospice bed.

Read this great piece from the UK's Guardian for more info on Styrene and her new record.

Give a Listen: GermFree Adolescence-X Ray Specs

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