Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guided by Voices to Release Let's Go Eat the Factory, First New Material in 15 Years

GBV @ the 930 Club, 10-21-2010

The "classic line up" of Guided By Voices-Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Greg Demos, Kevin Fennell with Jimmy Pollard-is releasing the first record of new material in 15 years shortly. Titled Let's Go Eat the Factory, the 21 new songs were recorded "in the living rooms, basements, and garages of various long-time band members."

Some tracks were recorded more-or-less live at Mitch Mitchell's garage, where the band would often practice back in the early- and mid-90s. These sessions comprised Mitch, Bob, and Jimmy Pollard, Bob's brother and long-time collaborator, who, though never a part of the touring ensemble, always played a crucial role on the classic-era releases. Some tracks were improvised over acoustic jam sessions at Greg Demos' house. Many were recorded at Tobin Sprout's place in Wherever, Michigan, and later lovingly fucked with in order to achieve the proper level of weirdness. Band members switched instruments (e.g., Bob plays drums; Mitch plays drums; Jimmy Pollard plays bass; Greg plays lead guitar; Toby plays pretty much everything; etc.), and Bob gladly accepted input from the rest of the band. Tobin Sprout wrote or co-wrote and sings on six out of the 21 songs.
Let's Go Eat the Factory is slated for a 1/1/2012 release on the band's label, GBV Inc.

We covered the GBV classic lineup show at the 930 Club in October here.

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