Monday, December 12, 2011

Bruce Springsteen Plays "American Slang" with Gaslight Athem in Asbury Park on Friday

The NJ powerhouse The Gaslight Anthem did a show on the Jersey shore Friday, at Convention Hall in Asbury Park. If you've never been, Convention Hall is on the boardwalk, next to a Howard Johnsons foncy ponts supper club, and is probably as big as your grammar school auditorium with better acoustics. A show there in and of itself would be something. But the boys went one better and, as a holiday gift to fans, brought that other NJ powerhouse up to join them, the one whose Christmas shows at Convention Hall are shows of legend, Bruce Springsteen, for "American Slang."

I was supposed to shoot this show, and missing Gaslight at a place this small was a heartbreaker. But then hearing Bruce did show up? Let's just say it's good we Catholics believe suicide is a mortal sin. But thankfully, we got video of it!

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