Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Does This Mean You're Moving On," Track 5 of the Airborne Toxic Event Acoustic Video Series Released

Ok, I love Daren Taylor, drummer of The Airborne Toxic Event. I got a chance to hang out with him some after Airborne's recent Webster Hall show in NYC, and he's one of those really *good* guys. It only takes 5 minutes in Daren's presence to pick up that he's a) funny as hell, b) passionate about what he does, and c) a genuinely kind personality. Daren is the guy that you'd always want at your parties because he'd keep things lively, as well as always be the first to offer to help clean up when it was over.

He's also INCREDIBLY talented in terms of his drumming style. He seems to have a great ear for filling a space with exactly what the song needs-nothing more, nothing less. I've heard the new cd and the creative nuances he adds is something that really stands out, something that one can't always hear in a loud rock club.

This creativity is obvious in the fifth track from their acoustic song series, "Does This Mean You're Moving On." The videos for this acoustic series are shot in different locations around Los Angeles, and for this latest one, the band is performing the song while piled in the back of a car that's driving down Sunset Blvd. How does a drummer play in cramped surroundings that include two guitars, five people, some room to shake a tambourine, AND room for the driver? By pounding on the roof of the car with his fist. Now that, my friends, is creativity.


Anonymous said...

5 people plus room for the driver? What about the camera operator? And who is doing sound? This has got to be more than one microphone.

BetweenLoveandLike said...

I dunno, I mean you ever watched Black Cab Sessions? They do it all with just a camera guy, a sound guy and the band in the back of a London cab. (http://www.blackcabsessions.com). Seems possible....